Who is who

We are 12 server and one program: The Trainingplan.

Georg Ladig created the Trainingsplan software and is worldwide the first person who has ever put training into digital codes. In 1989 he created his first version of a digital training plan. Thereby he completed his university education in the subjects of mathematics and sport sciences. His following career at the sports faculty in Munich supplied him with deeper insights of numeric approaches so a second Trainingsplan software could originate. This version for the first time entered the world wide web and has been promoted by well-known cycling magazine TOUR.

This version is also used by internet service provider 2PEAK.

In 2006 further developments leaded to: RADTRAINING.de The software is based on the 2PEAK algorithm but has many improved settings. Almost one year of development work lies in this version. The first stable version started in December 2007. The current version works since March 2011. Our main objective is to make the planning of a workout accessible to a broad public. That's why the software and hardware architecture is in all its aspects designed for high-speed.
Georg Ladig has been a team athlete for 15 years. He wrote two books and released numerous publications and articles. One of his books has been translated into eleven languages. Furthermore he was responsible for the famous TOUR training planner and worked as lecturer for the sports department of the Technical University of Munich.
From 2004 to 2006 he managed the triathlon team of one of the most famous sports clubs in Germany. In 2005 the sports club won five world championship titles (among others Faris Al Sultan who won the IRONMAN of Hawaii in 2005 and was awarded as 3rd in 2006).